About the Artist

Dr. Jayshree Bihari

Jayshree is a social scientist by training and an artist by nature. She perceives art as a path to self-realization and happiness. Her work captures life in various moods and forms. She believes that there is a color for each existence, in the microcosm within oneself, and the macrocosm beyond. To her, art is an eternal journey, a journey to spiritual fulfillment, bliss, and peace. It is the sutra to contentment.

Jayshree has been pursuing art from the age of four. Her style is mainly abstract and she uses mixed media, oil and acrylic on canvas. Some areas of her work include photography, 3D art using non-traditional features, and painting. Her art has been widely appreciated and commended at various national and international shows.

Her family is the inspiration behind her creativity. She was introduced to various forms of art such as dance, music, creative writing, and painting at a very early age. “Art is my Zen” she says and acknowledges her success in life to art. She is a poetess, a writer and has received training in Indian classical music and dance. She believes that art in any form plays an essential role in human development and must be integrated early on in a child’s life.

As you move on to view her work, we would like to let you know that each piece in her Gallery has been reared to maturity with love as the main medium. Her art is a visual treat and we hope you will appreciate the essence and personality of her work.